Hotel "Изабелла"
    от 450 ₴
    Avenue Svobody, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Avenue Svobody, 5, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Mini-Hotel Isabella is located in a quiet area of ​​Vinogradar. To the metro station "Nivki" 20 minutes by transport. Good traffic intersection. Exhibition Center "KievExpoPlaza" is a 15-minute...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Европейский"
    от 750 ₴
    Street Dilova, tel. 0 (44) 200-10... show
    Street Dilova, 14а, tel. +380(44)200-10-48 more
    Hotel "European" is located in close proximity to the heart of the capital of Ukraine. The convenient location of the hotel allows you to quickly and conveniently get to any part of the city....
  • PRO
    Hotel Голосеевский
    от 600 ₴
    Avenue Holosiyivsky, tel. 0 (44) 455-74... show
    Avenue Holosiyivsky, 93, tel. +380(44)455-74-22 more
    Hotel "Goloseevsky" is removed from the city center, located near the National Exhibition Center and the picturesque Goloseevsky Forest. There is a cafe, bar, hairdresser, parking, Internet cafe, a...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Visak"
    от 2600 ₴
    Obolonska Embankment, tel. 0 (50) 351-67... show
    Obolonska Embankment, 17, tel. +380(50)351-67-09 more
    Hotel "Visak" is located in one of the most quiet, comfortable, fashionable areas of Kiev - Obolon. The well-groomed flowering embankment of the Dnieper, far from the bustling city center, attracts...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Оболонь"
    от 1400 ₴
    Street Marshala Tymoshenka, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Marshala Tymoshenka, 29, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    The list of additional services for Obolon Hotel customers includes: free parking, baggage at the entrance and exit, receiving and forwarding correspondence by fax, alarm clock, safe in the...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Дарницкий"
    от 720 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Pryvokzalna, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kyiv, Street Pryvokzalna, 12, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel "Darnitsky" is located in close proximity to the Darnitsky station, which creates additional benefits for guests of Kiev. The hotel has 10 rooms: seven doubles, one single, one triple, one...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Мир"
    от 780 ₴
    Kyiv, Avenue Holosiyivsky, tel. 0 (44) 520-26... show
    Kyiv, Avenue Holosiyivsky, 70, tel. +380(44)520-26-09 more
    The Mir Hotel is located in a picturesque green corner of Kiev, near the Goloseevsky Park. Near the hotel (10 meters) is the Goloseevskaya metro station. The hotel consists of 138 rooms of various...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Kreshhatik"
    от 4700 ₴
    Street Khreshchatyk, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Khreshchatyk, 14, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel "Khreschatyk" is located in the business, cultural and historical center of Kiev and therefore is ideal for both business trips and leisure. The central location of the hotel provides its...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Совские Пруды"
    от 850 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Kirovohradska, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kyiv, Street Kirovohradska, 112/40, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel Sovskie Prudy is located 2.5 km from the metro station Demeevskaya, a 10-minute drive from the center of Kiev. It offers 19 comfortable rooms of various categories that are equipped with the...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Na Jelektrotehnicheskoj, 18"
    от 700 ₴
    Street Elektrotekhnichna, tel. 0 (63) 531-14... show
    Street Elektrotekhnichna, 16, tel. +380(63)531-14-07 more
    Міні-готель "Hostel Comfort" пропонує 15 комфортабельних номерів (в кожному номері: міні-бар, ТВ, безкоштовний WiFi, санвузол з душовою). Пропонуємо: 2-х, 3-х, 4-х-місні номери і 2-х кімнатні номери..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Royal Olimpic Hotel"
    от 1450 ₴
    Street Hospitalna, tel. 0 (93) 377-77... show
    Street Hospitalna, 12, tel. +380(93)377-77-81 more
    The Royal Olympic Hotel offers 65 elegant rooms decorated in a classic Baroque style, equipped with modern air conditioning, underfloor heating and free Wi-Fi Internet access. The hotel also...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Randevu"
    от 495 ₴
    Avenue Pravdy, tel. 0 (44) 587-68... show
    Avenue Pravdy, 31а, tel. +380(44)587-68-93 more
    The modern mini-hotel Rendezvous offers comfortable and affordable housing in different areas of the capital. Today, there are already eight mini-hotels Rendezvous in Kiev. It is possible to choose...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Звезда"
    от 500 ₴
    Street Ivana Vyhovskoho, tel. 0 (44) 383-45... show
    Street Ivana Vyhovskoho, 1д, tel. +380(44)383-45-69 more
    Hotel Zvezda is located in a quiet area of ​​Nyvky. To the metro station "Nivki" - 15 minutes drive. Good traffic intersection. Exhibition Center "Kyivexpoplaza" - 15 minutes walk or 2 stops by...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Андреевская мансарда"
    от 1200 ₴
    Street Vozdvyzhenska, tel. 0 (95) 594-19... show
    Street Vozdvyzhenska, 60, tel. +380(95)594-19-05 more
    Mini-Hotel Andreevskaya Attic is located near the Andreevskaya Church. The hotel is protected by mountains from the bustle of the capital and at the same time is in the very center of its heart. A...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Tisa"
    от 400 ₴
    Kiltseva Road, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kiltseva Road, 4б, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    At your service 112 numbers. All furniture and decoration of the hotel are made of natural wood, which will certainly add coziness and home warmth to your vacation. Thanks to their own duplicate...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Shelter Hotel"
    от 710 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Kamenyariv, tel. 0 (68) 716-22... show
    Kyiv, Street Kamenyariv, 42б, tel. +380(68)716-22-42 more
    Mini-Hotel Shelter Hotel was opened in April 2014. The hotel is located a 10-minute drive from the historical and business center of the city, close to the central bus station of Kiev, in the...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Raciotel'"
    от 1006 ₴
    Kyiv, Kharkivske Highway Highway, tel. 0 (44) 503-01... show
    Kyiv, Kharkivske Highway Highway, 177/1, tel. +380(44)503-01-02 more
    Ratsiotel Kiev opened on June 29, 2012. The hotel is conveniently located 500 meters from the Boryspil metro station, a 20-minute drive from Boryspil International Airport. The hotel offers guests a..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Затишок"
    от 550 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Verhovynna, tel. 0 (44) 228-59... show
    Kyiv, Street Verhovynna, 99/13, tel. +380(44)228-59-08, +380(67)250-14-15 more
    Private hotel Zatishok is located in the most ecologically clean area of ​​the city of Kiev with convenient transportation at the intersection of Victory Avenue and Palladin Avenue (near two metro...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Nova"
    от 600 ₴
    Street Elektrotekhnichna, tel. 0 (99) 638-11... show
    Street Elektrotekhnichna, 16, tel. +380(99)638-11-47 more
    Hotel "Nova" is located 200 meters from the stop "Shopping complex." To the metro stations "Chernihiv" or "Pochayna" 15 minutes to go by transport. The hotel was built according to the latest rules...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Барбарис"
    от 900 ₴
    Street Yevgena Sverstuka, tel. 0 (93) 751-75... show
    Street Yevgena Sverstuka, 3, tel. +380(93)751-75-55 more
    A small cozy hotel "Barberry" is located in the very center of left-bank Kiev in the market and consists of two buildings. Nearby there are banks, shops, office centers, theaters, night clubs. The...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Ambassador Plaza Hotel"
    от 1155 ₴
    Street Ivana Vyhovskoho, tel. 0 (44) 229-24... show
    Street Ivana Vyhovskoho, 5/1, tel. +380(44)229-24-74, +380(66)415-41-06 more
    Ambassador Plaza Hotel in Kiev has been open for guests since May 2012. 44 hotel rooms for those who value comfort, quality and reasonable prices. The hotel has a pub-restaurant, the menu of which...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Сатурн"
    от 430 ₴
    Street Heroyiv Kosmosu, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Heroyiv Kosmosu, 2б, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel Saturn is located near the Kiev-Zhulhany International Airport. The hotel can simultaneously accommodate 70 people in single, double and block rooms. To services of guests: a dining room and a..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Verhovina"
    от 850 ₴
    Avenue Peremohy, tel. 0 (44) 339-99... show
    Avenue Peremohy, 135, tel. +380(44)339-99-57, +380(67)483-61-81 more
    At the Verkhovyna hotel complex, the "Hutsulsky Restaurant" has been opened with original and unique Ukrainian cuisine. Also for customers and guests the hotel offers 2 conference rooms that can...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Villa Ninna"
    от 1490 ₴
    Street Daniila Scherbakivskogo, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Daniila Scherbakivskogo, 4, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    "Villa Ninna" is a small mini-hotel in Kiev, which is located within walking distance from the Nyvky metro station, and the KievExpoPlaza exhibition complex is located near the hotel. Guests are...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Джинтама"
    от 2300 ₴
    Street Tryokhsvyatytelska, tel. 0 (44) 278-50... show
    Street Tryokhsvyatytelska, 9, tel. +380(44)278-50-92 more
    Hotel "Gintama" is located in the heart of Kiev in a quiet and comfortable place, near the main street Khreshchatyk and Independence Square. It offers 23 rooms of the category "Single", "Double",...
  • PRO
    Recreation center "Dacha na Desne"
    от 2200 ₴
    Street Oleksandrivska, tel. 0 (67) 000-11... show
    Street Oleksandrivska, 3, tel. +380(67)000-11-20 more
    The recreation center "Cottage on Desna" is located 25 minutes from the center of Kiev, on the banks of the Desna. The base consists of detached cottages for accommodation from 2 to 6 people. Each...
  • PRO
    Myslyvskyj Dvir
    от 1654 ₴
    Street Slavhorodska, tel. 0 (97) 220-40... show
    Street Slavhorodska, 49, tel. +380(97)220-40-79 more
    Hotels Myslyvskyj Dvir located in Kyiv, Street Slavhorodska. Today this business has following schedule around the clock.
  • PRO
    Hotel "Predslava"
    от 750 ₴
    Street Predslavynska, tel. 0 (50) 331-44... show
    Street Predslavynska, 51, tel. +380(50)331-44-94 more
    “PRESLAVA” is a small (150 seats) in a quiet green corner near the main street of the city - Krasnoarmeyskaya (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya) a few steps from the National Palace “Ukraine” in the walking...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Позняки"
    от 700 ₴
    Street Yelyzavety Chavdar, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Yelyzavety Chavdar, 3, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel "Poznyaki" is located on the Left Bank of Kiev, a few minutes walk from the Osokorki metro station (750 m). All rooms are equipped with double or twin beds with orthopedic mattresses, as well...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Чигоринский"
    от 700 ₴
    Street Chygoryna, tel. 0 (97) 336-00... show
    Street Chygoryna, 59, tel. +380(97)336-00-50 more
    Chigorinsky Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Pecherskaya Metro Station. In walking distance from the hotel is the Institute of Culture and Arts, Kiev Institute of International Trade, Medical Center...
  • PRO
    Asteri Hotel
    от 2450 ₴
    Street Mykoly Leskova, tel. 0 (44) 300-10... show
    Street Mykoly Leskova, 4, tel. +380(44)300-10-50 more
    A cozy, small hotel-restaurant "Asteri", which opened in May 2012, is located in the center of Kiev. Independence Square is 4.5 km away. Convenient transport interchange will help you quickly get to..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Adler"
    от 550 ₴
    Street Heroyiv Sevastopolya, tel. 0 (44) 408-07... show
    Street Heroyiv Sevastopolya, 5а, tel. +380(44)408-07-78 more
    Adler Hotel is located just a 15-minute drive from the historic center of Kiev. It offers classic-style rooms with free Wi-Fi. The hotel's traditional bar serves light snacks and drinks throughout...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Комфорт"
    от 1000 ₴
    Street Raisy Okipnoi, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Raisy Okipnoi, 4, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel rooms of the Comfort Hotel are located in the center (near the German Consulate) and near the Levoberezhnaya Metro Station, the Tourist Hotel and the International Exhibition Center. Near...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Vydubichi"
    от 140 ₴
    Street Promyslova, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Promyslova, 4/2, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel "Vydubychi" is located in a quiet suburb of Kiev, opposite the Lybid canal. The guestrooms are 85 rooms that are simply furnished and decorated in neutral colors. It can accommodate up to 185...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Lyme"
    от 900 ₴
    Street Pechenizka, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Pechenizka, 16, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Lime Hotel is located in Kiev, a 15-minute walk from Lukyanovskaya Metro Station (1.2 km). The hotel consists of 12 rooms, which can simultaneously accommodate 30 guests in 2, 3-bed rooms. All rooms..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Камелот"
    от 2500 ₴
    Street Мельникова, tel. 0 (44) 225-94... show
    Street Мельникова, 4, tel. +380(44)225-94-67 more
    The hotel and recreation complex Kamelot is located 120 meters from the Lukyanovskaya metro station, not far from the center of Kiev. Hotel clients have the opportunity to plunge into the world of...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Дружба"
    от 950 ₴
    Kyiv, Boulevard Druzhbi Narodiv, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kyiv, Boulevard Druzhbi Narodiv, 5, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel "Friendship" is located in the center of Kiev, famous for its sights and picturesque places of the Pechersky district. The hotel offers beautiful views of the city and historical sites. A...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Триас Тур"
    от 450 ₴
    Kyiv, Laboratorny Lane, tel. 0 (44) 494-11... show
    Kyiv, Laboratorny Lane, 1, tel. +380(44)494-11-04 more
    Mini-Hotel Trias Tour is located in the center of Kiev on the 9th floor of the office center, a 7-minute walk from three metro stations: Palace Ukraine, Lybidskaya and Pecherskaya. The hotel offers...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Black Sea"
    от 1670 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Leyptsyzka, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kyiv, Street Leyptsyzka, 16, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    In the very heart of Kiev, an islet of sunny Odessa welcomes guests cordially. Hotel "Black Sea-Kiev" is located in the cultural and historical part of Kiev. It offers 31 comfortable rooms with the...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Hospitality"
    от 650 ₴
    Street Henerala Zhmachenka, tel. 0 (66) 000-30... show
    Street Henerala Zhmachenka, 20, tel. +380(66)000-30-61 more
    Hotel "Hospitality" is located in the picturesque part of Kiev, near the metro station "Darnitsa". The hotel has the status of a hotel of Euro class, and at the same time is affordable. The hotel...
  • PRO
    Hotel Avtocontinent
    от 500 ₴
    Street Mykoly Zakrevskogo, tel. 0 (44) 233-11... show
    Street Mykoly Zakrevskogo, 12, tel. +380(44)233-11-45 more
    Avtocontinent Mini-Hotel is located in Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, 8 km from the International Exhibition Center and 16 km from St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. To the Museum of...
  • PRO
    Maison Blanche Hotel
    от 860 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Velyka Zhytomyrska, tel. 0 (44) 238-63... show
    Kyiv, Street Velyka Zhytomyrska, 40, tel. +380(44)238-63-65 more
    This hotel is an 8-minute walk from St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and a 15-minute walk from Independence Square. Maison Blanche is a mini-hotel with affordable and comfortable accommodation. It...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Гончар"
    от 1900 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Honcharna, tel. 0 (67) 549-69... show
    Kyiv, Street Honcharna, 17а, tel. +380(67)549-69-98 more
    Gonchar Hotel is located in Kiev, 3.5 km from Pochtovaya Ploshchad metro station. The hotel consists of 14 rooms of various categories. The rooms are equipped with double or twin beds, a flat-screen..
  • PRO
    Hotel "Royal Grand Hotel"
    от 940 ₴
    Street Bohdana Khmelnytskogo, tel. 0 (63) 237-08... show
    Street Bohdana Khmelnytskogo, 31/27, tel. +380(63)237-08-88 more
    The Royal Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Kiev's cultural life. Convenient transportation will allow you to get anywhere in the city as soon as possible. The hotel has 44 rooms equipped with...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Богданов Яр"
    от 750 ₴
    Street Bohdanivska, tel. 0 (44) 383-77... show
    Street Bohdanivska, 3, tel. +380(44)383-77-63 more
    The Bogdanov Yar Hotel is located just a 10-minute drive from the very center of the capital, next to the Central Railway Station and Vokzalnaya Metro Station. The territorial location of the hotel...
  • PRO
    Theophania Hotel
    от 240 ₴
    Street Софии Перовской, tel. 0 (44) 456-64... show
    Street Софии Перовской, 6/11, tel. +380(44)456-64-53 more
    The Feofania Hotel is located near the business part of the capital of Ukraine, the beautiful city of Kiev, and is a five-story building. The hotel has 69 comfortable rooms that are decorated in a...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Aleksandrija"
    от 1050 ₴
    Kyiv, Avenue Peremohy, tel. 0 (44) 333-39... show
    Kyiv, Avenue Peremohy, 62а, tel. +380(44)333-39-94 more
    Alexandria is a small hotel with a total of 37 rooms, the design and comfort of which will be appreciated by people who travel a lot and are tired of the official standard of large hotels. Payment...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Мини - отель"
    от 600 ₴
    Kyiv, Street Maksyma Kryvonosa, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Kyiv, Street Maksyma Kryvonosa, 6, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Mini-Hotel Mini-Hotel is located in Kiev, 5.5 km from the city center. The room stock of this mini - hotel is represented by one category of room. Each room has orthopedic mattresses, refrigerator,...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Na Kropivnickogo"
    от 1440 ₴
    Street Kropyvnytskogo, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Kropyvnytskogo, 14, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    The mini-hotel on Kropyvnytskyi is located in the very center of Kiev, a 5-minute walk from Khreshchatyk Street, Bessarabian Market and Mandarin Plaza. The hotel has 5 one-room hotel rooms and a...
  • PRO
    Hotel "Petrani Central"
    от 300 ₴
    Street Arkhitektora Kobelieva, tel. 0 (63) 344-69... show
    Street Arkhitektora Kobelieva, 6, tel. +380(63)344-69-69 more
    Mini-Hotel Petrani Central is a 10-minute walk from the train station. The hotel is located in a wonderful quiet place to relax. The hotel provides accommodation in comfortable double and quadruple...

in short about hotels in Kyiv

Hotel - a comfortable way to spend the day, night or a few in Kyiv. It does not matter what issues you come for in Kyiv - business or leisure, travel or on purpose, the hotel is a place where you can not only spend the night, but also get aesthetic pleasure from your stay. In a hotel, you get a service that you usually don’t get at home, namely, getting rid of household chores: eating at a restaurant, room cleaning by staff, breakfast in bed, a bar in the room, a view from the window, and other additional services. Even if you come to in Kyiv on business, staying in a good hotel and changing your usual environment will help you relax and turn your business trip into a mini-vacation. Well, if your goal of visiting in Kyiv is rest, then living in a good hotel will be an integral part of it.

At the same time, the hotel is the most expensive type of accommodation in Kyiv for apartments for rent and hostels.

However, Locator.ua will help you with the choice of the hotel in Kyiv so that you find the best quality of service for a reasonable fee. Book hotels with Locator.ua! Choose a hotel to your taste!

We know about 448 hotels in Kyiv. Among them are hotels, motels, botels, rotels, with and without restaurants, in the center and on the outskirts, near the railway stations and in historical and cultural places, expensive and cheap, in short, you will find the hotel according to your taste.

We constantly update our database of hotels so that you receive the most complete and up-to-date information. However, if you know about in Kyiv hotels that are not on our website, please let us know and we will try to add information about them as soon as possible.

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  • How many hotels in Kyiv?

    According to Locator data in Kyiv operates 448 hotels.

  • Which hotels are best in Kyiv?

    Locator recommends to visit the following hotels in Kyiv: Hotel "Изабелла", Hotel "Европейский", Hotel Голосеевский.

  • Where are the nearest hotels in Kyiv to me?

    To find out which hotels is closest to you, go to the Hotels in Kyiv page and bring the Locator map closer to your location or click on the geolocation icon in the map control unit at the bottom right.

  • What are the prices for hotels services in Kyiv?

    Prices for hotels services in Kyiv depend on the specific service and hotels. According to our data, prices for hotels services in Kyiv start at approximately 140₴. Locator allows all hotels to specify prices for their services. To find out about them, go to the link on the service page or see the prices on the specific hotels page.

  • Which hotels services in Kyiv are better to use?⭐

    We recommend that you contact hotels, which has a high rating according to Locator: Hotel "Изабелла", Hotel "Европейский", Hotel Голосеевский.

  • How to contact these hotels?

    You can see the contacts for communication with these hotels pharmacies by going to their page. Locator provides the opportunity to contact by phone, email, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and through internal messages on the site Locator.

Hotels in Kyiv

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Academmistechko, Arsenalna, Beresteiska, Boryspilska, Chernigivska, Chervonyi khutir, Darnitsa, Demiivska, Druzhby Narodiv, Heroiv Dnipra, Hidropark island, Holosiivska, Ipodrom, Khreschatyk, Klovska, Kontraktova square, Livoberezhna, Lukjanivska, Lva Tolstogo square, Lybidska, Minska, Nezalezhnosti Square, Nyvky, Obolon, Olimpiiska, Osokorky, Palace Ukraine, Palats Sportu, Pecherska, Politekhnichnyi institute, Poshtova square, Poznyaky, Shulyavska, Slavutych, Svyatoshyno, Tarasa Shevchenka, Teatralna, Universytet, Vasylkivska, Vokzalna, Vydubychi, Vystavkovyi Tsentr, Zhitomyrska, Zoloti vorota

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